Statement of Commitment

MP Safety Management acknowledges the trust placed in them by the community and by clients in the delivery of workplace rehabilitation services. We are therefore committed to upholding the professional, moral and legal standards of behaviour as outlined in the Code of Conduct for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers as provided in the Nationally Consistent Framework for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers.

Management ensure that all consultants are aware of the Code of Conduct (the Code), in addition to any code that may be applicable to their professional discipline, and that they at all times adhere to the Code in the delivery of workplace rehabilitation services.

We understand that the Code is a condition of approval to undertake workplace rehabilitation services.


The Code has been developed in accordance with the following principles of ethical decision-making which Rehab Management and our staff uphold:

  • Respect for the law
  • Respect for the system of government
  • Respect for the community and other people
  • Integrity
  • Diligence
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability

The Code of Conduct is included in Appendix Four of the Guide to the Nationally Consistent Approval Framework for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers