MPSM Return to Work Awareness

This course is designed for Supervisors and Team Leaders to build their knowledge and skills in helping employees to return to work after injury or illness. 

These can be held at your premises or suitable site and is conducted by a fully qualified Workplace Occupational Therapist accredited with SIRA.


MPSM Recovery at Work Services 

MPSM facilitates a partnership between the worker, employer, GP and treating therapists to ensure the most appropriate path to maximising function and recovery at work. Healthy people go to work. Work is an integral part of our daily lives. Our multi-disciplinary approach is coordinated by the expertise of our rehabilitation consultants with empathy and client centred goal setting.  

MPSM assists workers to obtain new employment with a different employer.  When appropriate going to work provides people with greater independence, more money, confidence and the opportunity to learn new skills.  MPSM assists workers in the transition to new employment following injury.