MPSM Recovery at Work Services 

MPSM facilitates a partnership between the worker, employer, GP and treating therapists to ensure the most appropriate path to maximising function and recovery at work. Healthy people go to work. Work is an integral part of our daily lives. Our multi-disciplinary approach is coordinated by the expertise of our rehabilitation consultants with empathy and client centred goal setting.  

MPSM prides itself on our assessment of the worker in the workplace. A great assessment identifies what a worker can do, not what they can’t do. Matching this with the employers workplace needs results in a recovery at work plan that encourages a workers participation, engagement and facilites upgrades to their normal job role.

MPSM case conferences regularly with the nominated treating doctor. We work with the doctor and the worker to plan and prepare for the case converence maximising outcomes using this important communication tool.   

MPSM also specialises in return to work, different employer when the worker is unfortunately unable to return to their normal employer due to a variety of reasons. Our rehabilitation counsellors have backgrounds in rehabilitation counselling, psychology and extensive experience in identifying new vocational goals and assisting workers to become independent in job seeking. MPSM rehabilitation counsellors utilise technology to ensure maqximum support to the worker during transition to new employment.